is for breaking out the big girl camera.

is for salted date caramels before breakfast. (I have made these twice now: once, with all medjool dates, good coconut milk and honey; another time with mostly medjool dates, cheap coconut milk and maple syrup. Conclusion? Use all of the good stuff for these. Honey makes the chocolate consistency better, in my opinion. And! These are not exactly like good, old fashioned caramel. But! They are tasty–and dairy, grain and refined sugar free.)

is for homemade chai lattes. (I’ve been taking the easy route and using a tea bag for spiced chai that I bought at Trader Joes, almond milk, a dash of vanilla and some maple syrup. I have a feeling that making it with black tea and your own spices is even better.)

is for afternoons at the ball park, running between games.

is for watching old Peabody & Sherman episodes.

is for studying, studying, studying.

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