fresh start goals.

a fresh start.

Here are my goals for 2014.

seek Him.

I want to pursue knowing God more deeply through surrender, study and a stronger focus on prayer. Advent uncovered some stony unbelief in my heart, and I am praying that God will cut through all of the fogginess those untended corners can bring. Whatever He does do this year, I want to keep showing up. I struggle most with being persistent and specific in my prayer life, so I’m feeling drawn to focus on that. My dear friend recommended Val Marie Paper’s prayer journals to me, and I have loved using mine so far.

Mostly, I am committed to wrestling and pulling all of my identity under the truth that I am Loved.

pursue them.

I want to know, love and like Tom more than ever. We have more flexibility than we’ve ever had in the day to day, and I am focused on serving him and spending time with him.

I want to disciple my children by consistently seeking the Lord together, establishing daily habits of togetherness and parenting them one-on-one more frequently. I hope we’ll read aloud more together. I hope we’ll draw near over the Word more and more frequently. My biggest challenge will be finding more individual time, which I am finding is a high need since we are in some transitional years as far as age.

anchor by rhythms

I long to serve my family by establishing and maintaining rhythms that anchor our home and communicate my love for them. Basically, I hope to grow in tending to our home life.

walk in truth

I want to focus on my overall health with an emphasis on making wise and moderate choices and meditating on God’s truth about me. I have so, so much to say about my health journey. I just refuse to spend one more year focused on losing weight. I’m tired of it. I’m feeling a little disillusioned with all of the healthy eating talk right now as I don’t see much of Christ being brought into the dos and don’ts. In the past month, I’ve come to a realization: as I’ve ventured more and more into healthy eating ideology, I’ve become that weird food person, which feels ok but isolating. Full disclosure? My family does not love the way we have been eating lately.

Still. I battle my self image and long to change every single day–many, many moments throughout every single day. I’m not sure where this leaves me except that I would love to make meals my husband actually likes. He eats whatever I make, but I would love to see him genuinely excited to eat a meal he loves. And I see. I see (Jamie Foxx SNL skit, anyone?) that we live in a culture that worships food and diversity and availability. I don’t want to be fooled by a false freedom, but I’m not sure I haven’t been exchanging that for a different kind of worship: a worship of what I can do.

So. All I know is that I want to believe what God has said about me. Change happens this way: mind, heart, actions. I’m starting with my mind this year and reading over and over again how He loves me. Then, I’m trusting John 10:4: that Christ goes before me and that the more I know His voice, the more easily I will follow Him. God has a path marked out for me. I won’t lie. I’m afraid to not start with what I can do, but this feels more hopeful than any other way. This doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning all of what I’ve learned over the past year. I’m just bringing all of that under the truth-telling light of God’s Word.

write hard and clear

I want to be brave this year. I am prayerfully pursuing some new things with my writing, and I am scared. I feel a strong allegiance to who my audience is and want to circle around that more and more. Mostly, I want to write in a way that illuminates God’s work in my life and connects me to others.


Real talk? This is the kind of post that leaves me feeling overwhelmed. There is much here, and I know I’ll fall short over and over again. I will be selfish. I will yell. I will oversleep. I will leave dirty dishes in the sink.  I will speak in anger. I will let others down. A lot. Perfection is not my goal. Growth is.

So. These are my plans. What are yours? I’d love it if you’d share a goal or two for your life right now!

17 thoughts on “fresh start goals.

  1. It’s like you are writing what is exactly in my head except you communicate it way better! Your goals are mine at almost every point. Keep at it! I am looking forward to more and more what you have to say!

  2. Oh-so-good. I love all of these goals, but Walk in Truth is my favorite. I have been so worn out and exhausted and robbed of white space, frankly, by overthinking all the “what are we gonna eat that’s clean and delicious” stuff. I just want to cook good food for my family that they love and I want to enjoy doing it. We need to talk about this. ha!

    • Oh, we’ll have a good talk. I know that just eating whatever I want is not the answer because that’s not freedom. But. I’m tired and know that focusing on losing weight isn’t getting me anywhere. I think maybe I need to shift to healthy and strong.

  3. I love the part at the end about how you don’t want to be perfect you just want the year to represent growth! I think I shared this a little the other night but in looking back through previous prayer journals I have had the same “resolutions” for years and fail miserable every year! This year I am calling them prayer points, they are areas that I am commited to praying about! Consistantly. Specifically. I am asking the Holy Spirit to work in these areas, instead of my own strength and motivation!!
    P.S. Glad you reminded me about the prayer journal I want to get one of those;)

  4. Love this!! And thanks so much for sharing our journals! So fun to see them in use! : )
    Also, my husband read the Maker’s Diet. It’s based on Biblical teaching. I haven’t actually read it but he seemed to like it because there is sooo much contradictory info out there on health!

  5. Oh Ellen. The words you are so gifted in sharing resonate so strongly within me (and others), I find myself spinning so hard to do all of the “right” things and get it all done that I leave very little space for Jesus and joy and rest. I am focusing and praying on leaning in to God more, trusting Him with the details, Less of me and my agenda and the crazy-girl thoughts. More of Jesus, more breathing, more joy. Hard for this list-kinda-girl to just “Be Still” but I know that is what I am called to do in this season. Two specific things I feel Him calling me to is more personal relationships with people. I am in introvert (who knew??? I come across as an extrovert to cope and compensate I think) and I am quite happy to deal with people as a group and not one on one. Weird I know, but true. And I feel that I need to be a more cheerful servant to Shawn and the boys. I do a lot for them. But NOT cheerfully. Nope. I just want to love and please Jesus. Bottom line. Crying as I write this because I have already failed miserably today…Wanting to believe His grace is sufficient and that I don’t have to be perfect. Grateful for your precious transparency and desire for Him.

    • Oh, Christy. I love your honest heart. And I get your introversion (and the facade of extroversion). I would definitely assume you were an extrovert. Praying for you as you seek God’s grace and strength!

  6. Thank you for sharing your goals! With the new year, I have been reading so many goals posts and weight-loss ideas, and it is so easy to get caught up in making lists of things to do/be – when really, it’s about following hard after Jesus – and you helped remind me of that.

  7. Your words have so resonated with my heart the last couple of days. I love your honesty and your desire to follow hard after God is my heart cry this year as well. There are so many words that I would love to share with you but I fear I just might high jack this entire comment section if I were to begin. So I will simply say thank you for writing what I needed to hear. Patty

  8. These are admirable goals. My biggest goal for this year is to stop being so angry. I’m so angry, so often. It leads to more trouble in the way of yelling, provoking, rebellion, hate, unforgiveness…the list goes on and on.

  9. And again, yes, Ellen, your words speak my heart. I love the honesty and rawness I hear in your voice, with the hope of knowing that seeking Him and glorifying Him is your ultimate goal.

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