Christmas this year.

I almost gave up on opening the door on my Christmas home this year. There are two reasons. One: my words are rusty and I feel a little jumbled. Two: I don’t feel the most confident writing about decor choices. But. I’m going to do it anyway.

This is how I decorate for Christmas: I wait until the 6th(ish) day of December and then I start to feel this desperation that I’m eons behind. So, we lug the decor down and I splatter it everywhere and I throw things here and there without the slightest plan. But it works for me. I’m not a planner, I’ve found. I’m more of a discoverer with these types of things and I just have to try a million things until my heart sets on something.

So. I’m posting today for the discoverers out there.


No garland this year. But I did make this wonky wreath out of trimmings from our tree.


We watched video tutorials for folding and cutting paper snowflakes and then strung them up in doorways.



This little nativity is from Mexico. I think my girl has set this vignette as it appears no one is fighting or using weaponry.



We bought a thirty dollar, crooked tree at the lot down the road and called it good. I felt ambitious and finger knitted a garland that only ended up covering half the tree. We used it anyway. Then my short people threw some ornaments up. We’re shooting for excellence over here, people.




We have slowly been settling into our new bedroom downstairs. It’s still a very much in progress room. My daddy built that headboard for me and I’ve always wanted to hang a wreath on it but just got lazy, I guess. Until this year.



I still love our new bathroom where I wrapped some flannel around my husband’s first hunting trophy and strung garland in the window.

Also! Grover wishes you a very, merry Christmas!


I’m linking up with my friend, Nester.


23 thoughts on “Christmas this year.

  1. It looks awesome!! I could have never put a wreath together out of trimmings like that! You got skills girl!! BTW I love your new room;) I want to know the paint color on your headboard!

  2. I saw your link on Pinterest and I immediately thought “what a peaceful place”. I love your relaxed decorating style. Oh, and I LOVE your new photo here on your blog. You have a beautiful smile.

  3. Your headboard looks fantastic, and your family room is my happy place all year long, but I should have come by last week just so I could sit next to that tree and that gorgeous boxwood/chalkboard beauty! I love your style, friend!

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