hope defined: but He uses made things.


Here’s how I’m writing this series: it’s what I need. That’s it. I need a dose of hope in a few areas of my life and so I’m leaning in to that.

Those places in my life where the waiting seems to take forever and the hopes get dingier by the minute and I’m not sure where the road ahead even starts? I know you have those places, too. I call them my no, not yet, maybe nevers. It’s easy for me to live under the burden of them, natural even.

But God is good and even when our no, not yet, maybe nevers loom large, He still peppers our days with yeses. I pray for the eyes to see the yes sprinkled throughout my days. Yes moments are little but they whisper loud. Yes, He is still good. Yes, He loves us. Yes, He is majestic. Yes, He is sovereign. Yes, He knows us very personally.

The hope isn’t in the made things but sometimes He uses them. A pink sunset over a wind whipped ocean is a yes. The way a five year old sings off key at the top of his lungs is a yes. A tea olive’s sweet drifting scent is a yes.

For this month, I’ll take the weekends to share my yeses. I hope you’ll join in, too, and share your small but lovely reminders that God is still God and still good and the source of all hope. We’ll start tomorrow.

This post is part of a 31 day series.  You can find a link to each day right here. Find other 31 Dayers at The Nester’s.


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