take hope.


For three years now I’ve waffled about doing 31 days. I hem and haw and eventually give in at the last minute.

This year is no different. First, I wrote about joy. Last year, I wrote about home-something that’s still brewing and growing in me.

I’m so interested in hope right now. What is it really? At its roots? And why does it seem elusive in seasons and in corners? It’s something that has everything to do with being settled and I’m suspecting that this is the piece that I need to wiggle into that puzzle.

So this is my journey for the next thirty-one days. I want to discover hope anew. Study it. Mostly, surrender to it. Because the truth is that I often want hope to come on my terms but God wants something better.

I hope you’ll join me. You’ll find a link to each of the 31 days right here.

Day One.

Day Two.

Day Three.

Day Four.

Day Five.

Day Six.

Day Seven.

Day Eight.

Day Nine.

Day Ten.

Day Eleven.

Day Twelve.

Day Thirteen.

Day Fourteen.

Day Fifteen.

Day Sixteen.

Day Seventeen.

Day Eighteen.

Day Nineteen.

Day Twenty.

Day Twenty-One.

Day Twenty-Two.

Day Twenty-Three.

Day Twenty-Four.


31 thoughts on “take hope.

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