meeting and greeting.

The Influence Conference is just over two weeks away.

Two weeks.

I’m getting all kinds of excited and nervous and so ready.


Here is an awkward picture of me. You are welcome. Smiley face.


1. Dry shampoo. I’ve finally crossed over and it is the best thing ever. It takes me forever to dry my hair everyday. For.Ev.Er. My husband is saying hallelujahs over how quickly I can get ready on dry shampoo days. Seriously. I’m a little embarrassed at how it is changing my life.

2. Little pieces of my world here. I’m an introvert. Shocker. I’m also a shy introvert. When I get far away from home, my heart legs get all wobbly and before you know it I’m ugly crying into the phone while my husband gives his best version of a pep talk.  But I’m in a really lovely harvesting season here and I’m adding some pretty amazing things into my life in the form of relationships. So I’m bringing the truth that the beauty of relationships is in the way God meets us there. Hearts are His currency and I plan on seeking out ways to connect deeply.


1. Actual fall-like weather. I’m so thankful for our mild winters because I’m not really built for bitter cold and tromping through snowy days but this time of year always makes me angry-impatient for cooler nights and days. The thought of wearing AND needing a light sweater in September? Makes me giddy.

2. Being humbled. Anything I can imagine or dream up falls so short of God’s own vision. I know the women who are behind this thing. I’ve seen the beauty of this community in forums and online classrooms. But for it to be in my face? I don’t think I can accurately wrap my brain around the beautiful things He will do in my heart and in community. And the speakers? I’m already torn about which sessions to go to.

I’m linking up today at The Influence Conference blog with other attendees.

38 thoughts on “meeting and greeting.

  1. I watched your class on “Writing Everyday” a few days ago and I so enjoyed it!!! I wanted to come and thank you before, but this is the perfect opportunity. :) Thank you for sharing your heart and knowledge with those of us who want to learn and grow. I’m glad you’re going to the conference and I hope you have the most amazing time!!!!

  2. If only we could go to all the sessions! And I’m never so grateful for my short hair as I am when it practically automatically dries itself post-shower. :P

  3. Our lesson in LifeGroup this week was how God created us for relationships. The times I think I can make it without others helping me along are the times when I fail famously. I hope you develop great relationships at this conference, Ellen.

    P.S. Would you share your dry shampoo product? (Asked by the girl who has thick, curly hair that takes over three hours to fully dry. You should see me on Sunday mornings. Up at 6 to have a half dry head by 9.)

  4. OK, so I started my post pretty much exactly like you did. Great minds, right? :) I’m an introvert as well so I’ll definitely be bringing some pieces of home to help me feel not as anxious. And as an Indiana native I’m super excited about fall weather…it is my absolute favorite time of the year. Today it is going to be 90 degrees…I’m ready for 60’s and sweaters! Hope we get to meet in person! :)

  5. I think your wisdom for bringing pieces of your life from home is spot-on. I came across extremely extroverted last year (really I just don’t know how to shut up ;] ) and there was a part of me that was really overwhelmed with the fact that I was interacting with so many people. I don’t want to compromise that aspect of community, but I think I will definitely be more aware of the time I need to step back and process.

    I can’t wait to meet you, and I’m excited you’ll be able to experience fall weather in the Midwest! (Hopefully. It could be 30 or it could be 90 or anywhere in between. We won’t know till we’re there!)

    • Oh, Annie! I hope so much that the weather will cooperate with some cooler temperatures. We’re in the mid-90s down here which isn’t all that bad since we’ve had a really mild summer. But I’m still impatient :). Also? I totally get the becoming more extroverted than you really are in a crowd thing.

      I can’t wait to meet YOU!

  6. At the risk of weirding you out, you top my list of people I need to get up the nerve to meet this year. Your classes for Influence have been incredible, and I’m anticipating your writing workshop being a highlight of the weekend. Thank you for pouring into this community with a great deal of heart and honesty!

    • I hope you will walk right up to me and introduce yourself…if I don’t spot you first! Seriously. I’ll be worrying about all the same things you will :). I’m praying and planning for that writing time! We are really going to workshop and I’m super excited!

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing you at Influence this year … your Influence classes have been such a blessing to me over the past few months. Thank you so much for being vulnerable with us and for just sharing your thoughts, wisdom, and talents with us!

  8. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through the influence classes and instagram {you were actually in my dear friends book store a few months ago and we instagram chatted about it, small world!}. Hoping I get to meet you in person!

  9. Dry shampoo has absolutely changed my life as well. And my husband’s too, like you said. I’ll be like, “Should I wash my hair today?” and he’ll respond, “Nah, didn’t you just wash it a few days ago?” ……so yeah. Hope to meet you there! So thankful to be going!

  10. Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to hug you! I am so very excited about finally getting to meet! I also am feeling super torn about which speakers to make sure I hear. I’ll just keep my ears open for the Lord’s leading and go that way!

    • 1. You are wise. I am going to adopt your prayerful attitude about which sessions to attend and trust Him with the rest.
      2. I just think you are truly lovely and I’m so thankful God moved in a powerful way to get you to Influence. I’m going to be super stalking you, Christa :).

  11. A harvesting season. I’ve never thought about it that way, Ellen, but I feel like I’m in the same place. It will be my first time at a women’s conference, but connecting through the Network has made it not feel so intimidating. I think God has really BIG things in store. xo.

  12. I completely identify with your #2 under what you’ll be packing-I’m a shy introvert and conferences like this make me so nervous … but yet I know there’s so much to be excited about, too! Hope I get to meet you!

  13. a lot of people are hoping for fall weather (and I’m one of them! It’s been a balmy 100+ here on the Mexico border!) so maybe we should start a prayer group for this? ;) kidding! Hope to connect at the conference!

  14. Hi Ellen, Your hair is so much longer than in your meet me picture! I am glad you put this one up so that I would recognize you. I’m hoping for cool weather too but am not keeping my fingers crossed. I live in Chicago, and we almost hit 100 the other day. Of course, by tomorrow it could be 40 degrees around here. You never know. Amy

  15. I was just listening to one of your Influence Net class recordings the other night. So thankful you will be there and that we get to hear from you. I will definitely be in your break out session!

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