about last week.


So. I did it. I felt like I might not be able to breathe and I just about melted into a puddle of tears as I was walking up to the stage. But after about five minutes? I got lost in my excitement about God’s Word. What I have loved about this journey through the lessons of contentment is taking the tiny little thing God showed me so personally and then laying His Word over it to see that it was from Him and that His Word is so very much alive.

Thank you for your prayers. I needed them. My community and this little corner are definitely a yes in my life. I still have a painful no in several pockets of my life but the yes of being part of God’s people is so loud and wonderful that I have to honor it. It’s harder for those of us who are introverts but there is beauty in sharing the ways God smoothes the deep set wrinkles in our hearts with His grace.

It’s totally scary knowing that you could mess up or that you could’ve messed up or that someone probably didn’t like what you said. It’s also a pretty great way to be reminded that it’s not your Truth or your Words or your Good News. They’re His and all you can do is step out and trust that He takes our broken mess and makes a beautiful thing.

EDIT: If you’d like to listen, click right here. I want to type a bunch of disclaimers here but I don’t want to discredit who God is through me so I’m not going to even though I really, really want to.

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