i can’t say anything about basketball or some thoughts on summer.

summertableAs of noon on Thursday it is officially summer in my home. Right now summer looks like a tan line from hours of baseball in my favorite sandals plus project baseball card reorganization all over my dining room table.

Naturally, on Friday we barely left the house. We watched this video about ten times in a row (click through if you’re using a reader). I cried and gut laughed. I let the kids do basically  whatever they wanted until we were all a little stir crazy. And then we headed to Target to buy one fun treat each for the summer months.

I bought two fresh $11 alarm clocks to go in their rooms so that I could enforce the no-coming-downstairs-before-7-AM rule. Yesterday? The boys set their alarm for 7. I think we have some more talking to do about this whole sleeping in thing.

Mostly, I’ve been spending time trying to figure out how to be more prepared for long, hot days. I don’t talk about parenting too much here because I want to be protective and also I feel like a failure most of the time. I do not feel like I’ve got this thing figured out. I’m beginning to think that feeling clueless is actually a symptom of growth. Maybe?

So. We have days stretched out in front of us and I don’t want to spend them being a referee. The problem is that I’m not gifted at planning. I’m also not gifted at following a schedule. We decided to set a few goals along with sticking to a few non-negotiables like reading every day, writing some, helping around our home and working on math facts (womp womp). I’ve been looking, too, for little day trips that we can take for some adventure. And the goals? The goals include really cute things like jumping off the diving board, writing a 20 page story and watching the Lord of the Rings movies (wishful thinking).


I’m hopeful. It’s just that I see what a gift it is to have the opportunity to spend these days with my children and I want to live like that. I’m willing to try and fail at forethought if it changes the way I respond. I want my words and time with them to be a gift and while I fully believe that no failure or desperate prayer or tearful apology is wasted in God’s economy, I would also like to enjoy my children. I’m hoping to fall somewhere in the middle: flexible but also purposed.

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One thought on “i can’t say anything about basketball or some thoughts on summer.

  1. Are you me? Because we seem to have the same plans and the same knack for not following through with them. May summer of 2013 be the summer of keeping our plans!!!

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