forced rest on a friday.


Here’s a fun fact.

All 3 feet 10 inches of a gidgety 8 year old girl can in fact contract the flu in the middle-endish part of April.

We’re on day three and half of being housebound. She’s pitiful.

Here’s something good, though. Of all my children, my girl is my kindred when it comes to being a homebody. She loves to be at home, to be in her room, to be with her people and outside of a school day and maybe gymnastics she mostly chooses to be here. We’ve had lots of quality time.

And I’ve gotten some good spring cleaning and rearranging done.¬†Like a spice drawer. It makes me so happy. I totally copied a friend so I’m not really a genius.

I finally hung some stuff up around our tv. I did a bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul here and stole things from other walls that I don’t look at as much. It’s a hodge podge, really. My painted lady is a watercolor of my Gee Gee Mama (great grandmother) that my great aunt gave us for a wedding present. My mom cross-stitched the two Charleston cathedrals. The two family crests were my grandmother’s and the needlepoint cottage was my grandma’s. There’s room for one more teensy thing that I’ve yet to figure out.

All this? It’s what I’ve come to call forced rest. Good. Hard. Stir crazy. Rest.

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4 thoughts on “forced rest on a friday.

  1. Your home is so cool and inviting. I wonder if when we get old and we are spending days reflecing on the past with our children, we think about even the sick days and the more crazies and we feel a fondness about them that we hadn’t in the moment for sure. I’ll bet.

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