digging and planting.

april5I’ve been digging up portions of my yard this week, moving plants around and trying to figure out what I’m doing. I’m not very good at anything other than potted flowers and we aren’t going to make huge investments outside because we’ll never recoup them. I’d just like to even things out and make everything look neat.

I spent a few hours digging out a bed along our fence line that was full of blackberry vine, ivy and other crawling type things. It was the kind of work that warrants a plate full of steamy spaghetti and an evening on the couch. And now we’ve had a day of rain and lots left to do over the weekend.

This digging mimics a good bit of what’s been going on in my heart over the past few weeks. Sometimes I feel like I’m a tiny baby in my faith, still trying to work out what it looks like to trust and wait. Watching and learning what it means to count all things joy.

When I wrote about home in October something began in me that is still coursing. I’m still going back through each concept and applying layers upon layers. And reading, reading, reading. I have a feeling that it has felt so fresh recently because I’m going to be sharing even more about being settled and at home in your season very soon.

Next Tuesday night-at 9 pm EST-I’ll be offering a class through the Influence Network on all this jumble of heart stuff. It’s more generally about contentment but it still grows out of the Biblical concept that is home. Really, I’d like to call it a conversation more than anything. I’m certainly not qualified to be an expert as I’m still learning how to apply contentment to my daily life. It’s more like I’m sharing notes.

You can learn more about the class and sign up right here (you’ll receive a link on Tuesday to join in).

I’d love to have y’all be part of this conversation!

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