whole ladies: one month.

Well, it’s time for another awkward screen capture. Every time. But! The good news is that I finished my whole30 yesterday. I’m not sure I trust myself beyond these 30 days as I’ve felt lots of emotional reactions to foregoing many beloved foods. I talk about this in the video but I think I’ll be sticking pretty close to what I’ve been doing this month with possibly a cheat meal once a week.


I do feel great. I have lost weight (got on the scale this morning). It was so freeing to slide that thing away and not think about it for a month. I’m really leaning toward taking the same approach this month: food and heart first and then weighing after really working on the internal issues.

Let’s talk in the comments! Are you an emotional eater? Do you struggle with understanding what really makes you lovely? What were your struggles and victories this month?

Be sure to head over to Jessi’s for her part of this conversation.

12 thoughts on “whole ladies: one month.

  1. Ellen, just so proud of you!
    1)Did you ever buy any sunflower butter? Peanut butter and I are tight. Too tight fo sho. :) I’m not necessarily looking to for a substitute (it might be grand to go without for a month-slay a food I love too much), but just curious if you tried it.
    2)I think i already know what will come back into my diet in May: oatmeal. I usually eat a bowl EVERY morning. I eat it dry with… melted peanut butter. ;) It’s day 2 & I’ve looked at my big ole can of dry oats, and thought, “I miss you too, buddy.”
    3)I’ve gotta be honest. Really, I want to clean up and honor the Lord with this body. I don’t feel too off balance, currently… just was starting to teeter and didn’t want to jump into yucky-feeling mode. So, this is a little re-set. Oh, but what I was going to say, is that I hope the reset involves a 5 lb weight-loss. I want my pants to fit loosely, not tightly and I’m not in to spending money on bigger pants (can I get a witness!). So, if we were in person, I’d ask. Did this month = a 5 lb drop? That’s me being real. I think if I was going to be extra spiritual, I’d say that it didn’t matter, but practically… it DOES. It does matter that I’m not toting around a 5 lb dumbell of fat on my hips. That’s heavy and weighs me down and gets in the way of modesty where my pants-stuck-to-my-booty is concerned. ya know.?
    4) I love you. I’m so thankful to count you as friend. You honor God with your life.

    • Hi, friend! Here goes:
      1. I did buy some sunflower butter for my family but I ended up steering clear of it. Some sunflower butters have sugar in them and I’m more prone to nutty tastes in baked goods. But! I did buy some raw almond butter at Trader Joe’s yesterday that I may use in smoothies (but try to steer clear of smoothies for your whole30 if you can…you can overconsume and miss flavors). If you are prone to over-eating when it comes to peanut butter, it might be good to skip the taste/texture all together.

      2. I missed oatmeal very much. For the first few weeks, breakfast did not feel the same. But! One tip that I took to heart (from It Starts with Food) is to consider breakfast just another meal. That helped with the mental block and the longing for something grainy.

      3. I should have just shared this in my post but I didn’t want to make it all about what I lost. I lost 10 pounds this month. Smiley face. I also want to note that I did not go crazy exercising. I just got outside 30 minutes everyday and sometimes that was walking the dog at a normal pace in the rain. Sometimes I ran. One time I did weight training. One time.

      4. I love you more. You have been a consistent example of what it looks like to trust in the Lord. I’m thankful for you!

  2. I am so proud of you. I am so encouraged by your courage to be real and vulnerable. I am struggling these days with my own eating issues. Issues that have followed me for a very long time. I know the root is a heart issue and I am praying for courage like yours.
    Allie Mac

  3. Ellen, I feel INSPIRED by you. I am going to take the plunge and do this thing. I have been trying to figure out and “fix” my completely irrational dependence on sugar in all its forms, and am hoping this 30 day reset will help me with this constant issue in my daily eating. I am not gonna lie: I am a little bit scared to drink black coffee. To me, it isn’t morning (and we have some very early 4:30 am type mornings around here) if I don’t have a beautiful mug filled with sweet and creamy coffee. I need to change that. My husband is hesitantly on board. I have also just realized that I go to great effort to prepare nutritious and wholesome meals for my family only to follow them with high fat, high sugar desserts throughout the week. Somewhere along the way, I developed the notion that a “good mom” makes homemade desserts and muffins all the time. Sigh. I need to change this notion, too. I am scared and hesitant but I’m also excited at the possibility of facing my emotional food issues.

    • You. Can. Do. It. Also? Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings. It is a tiny bit sweet, spicy like chai and doesn’t need any extra junk. It’s caffeine free but it is warm and wonderful. I can’t drink black coffee either. Cheering for you!

  4. Congratulations! I have been so inspired by your openness. I have been waging a different battle, not so much emotional, but just wanting to feel better. And I do! That is why I plan to continue this lifestyle and transition the family too. I keep refering back to page 96 in their book. “The Good News” paragraphs specifically; “When it comes to less-healthy foods, understand that the less (and less often) you indulge in them, the healthier you’ll be. Where you draw that line is totally up to you.” Going forward, when I do indulge, it’s going to be something really special, and I’m going to probably eat less of it, and slow down and really enjoy it. I heard somewhere that we should say “I don’t eat ____” instead of “I can’t eat ___”. Small shift but it implys a choice and helps with the head games of feeling sorry for ourselves. It did help during my Whole30 and I hope and pray it will continue, for the sake of my health, my families health, and for His Glory.

    • Yes! I was just chatting about this with a friend and I think I’m going to basically eat whole30 this month with some exceptions that are very special, as you worded it. The truth is that I’m still dealing with lots of stubbornness and I just don’t trust myself to be wise yet.

  5. Congrats, Ellen! You are the cutest and so inspiring. I feel like your words really call out to me and you inspire me greatly to take my problems to God and to face them heart first instead of fork first. I am definitely an emotional eater and I honestly had not realized this until I started watching your vlogs. I do get angry and sassy when I can’t have pizza or cake or a pop I’ve been craving and living this way is no way to live. My husband and I still haven’t started Whole 30, but hoping to by this weekend. I will keep up with your posts. Seriously, I just want to thank you for your encouragement and inspiration and so many other things!! Congrats, again!!

  6. Congratulations … you rocked it, the whole Whole30! I have to tell you that in this last vlog, you’ve got a glow and lots of positive energy! I am just now getting back on track with my program (same timing as yours). I did not complete the Whole30 but am back on track this month, eating basically the same, focusing on the heart first (this is really taking some time as i’m not where i’d like to be yet!), indulging in special treats when the occasion calls for it, but trying to apply grace when I “mess up”. I was on track to finish my Whole30 strong but really stumbled during the last week. I hit a really emotional/stressful period of time that required more of me as my girls’ mama than me as a Whole30 cook in the kitchen. I just fell right off the wagon. It was really discouraging because I’d felt amazing finally during week 3 and had seemed to hit my Whole30 groove. But, eating sweets again and allowing some dairy to creep back into my meals – even occasionally – the past couple weeks have shown me how lethargic and cranky I do feel when I eat that way. In comparison, it gave me the perspective to see that I HAD made progress during my Whole30 …. I did enjoy feeling good when I ate “clean,” my moods were lifted and my skin was definitely better. So, I am back at it again. The food part is easy this time around. However, I still recognize my emotional eating and will continue to work on it. And give myself a little slack even if I don’t do it “perfectly” all the time :-)

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