whole ladies: halfway


It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to talk Whole Ladies again. Jessi’s got a post up today, too, so be sure to head over there.

Somehow here I am with another video. It’s probably because y’all were so nice. But. Let’s just acknowledge one thing: I get the most awkward screen captures ever. This week’s video is a little longer.

New Project 7 from ellen parker on Vimeo.

You can read more about Whole30 right here. Read my other posts right here.

This week we really, really enjoyed Venison Butternut Squash Chili, Berry Breakfast Sausage and Carrot Souffle. I’m too lazy to dig up pictures.

Ok. You’re turn. Smiley face.

10 thoughts on “whole ladies: halfway

  1. I’ve just started following your blog. I’ve just watched your video. Thank you for being so honest and transparent. I really needed your video tonight :) ! I started a 15 week life style change weight loss challenge in Feb. On Feb. 4th I broke my baby toe. . . like seriously broke my baby toe into two by stubbing it!! What!!! I never finish anything. . . this I wanted to finish so bad. So I had a week in bed waiting between Dr. apt.s and with the support of my hubs I decided to press on. He went out that very night and borrowed a stationary bike from a friend. I was in a boot for 6 weeks and cycling 5 days a week. But the being home all day, no driving, and watching my eating was the hardest part. So hard. I fail miserably with food, will power, and just making good choices. I still have 4 more weeks of recovery to go as it’s not healing properly, major bummer. I find it so easy to sit there and feel sorry for myself when I look at the numbers: 10 weeks out of 15 will be baby toe recovery! So I’m still cycling, hobbling, and praying I learn to manage the emotional, pity party eating. Pray for me sisters. Pray for my heart and brain to connect when it comes to emotional eating, pray for the Lord to show me why food is such an issue, pray I listen to Him and respond to His reply and that I trust Him in that He knows best for this weak, wobbling, daughter of His! Bless you girls and thank you again for sharing your journey with me!

  2. I think one of my favorite things about you is how thoroughly you think and process. It gives me such freedom and to do the same. I love the way your mind + heart works.

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I truly believe you will enjoy your daughters birthday for the beautiful celebration of her life that it is, and will be able to release yourself from the pressure of the food. Just let the focus be on her and your family and joy. You’re journey is inspiring.

  4. Thank you again for sharing. Do you think that the emotions of the last few days could be your body’s (hormone’s) reaction to the detox? I have read that many people feel worse before they feel better and I’m sure it’s different for everybody. Being a week ahead of you , I am finding it way easier to not feel sorry for myself. Two things I’ve noticed; 1) I’m not starving come mealtime, which in the past always caused me to overeat and usually not the good stuff! 2) I don’t have that after lunch slump/coma which would last until dinner and then suddenly…bam…I was starving again. Also, I have lost about 8 pounds while eating scads of good-for-me foods and always being full in a good way, not stuffed and bloated like before. I know you have locked up your scale, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. :) Blessings!

    • I think you are so right, Lorrie. I’m probably still on the front side of some of the good stuff happening. And I’m so, so encouraged to read that you are seeing a change in your afternoon energy level. Honestly, I still think about the weight and I do really hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised :). I certainly feel lighter and more fit.

  5. Your update is so encouraging to me … because you are so honest and also because it sounds like (almost word for word) the journey I’m finding myself on. Ellen, I totally get it. You seem like a kindred spirit (we have the same birthday and year, I’m pretty sure? 11/19 :-) And everything you have shared really resonates with me. My past week has been rougher than I’d expected. Lots of unexpected emotional layers peeling off, lots of introspection about what/why I’m craving, I’ve been irritable, energy-less and trying to resist my sugar cravings. I’m not going to lie, mid-week I was ready to throw in the towel with Whole 30 because I started with big expectations of feeling fabulous and thought maybe the plan wasn’t working since I felt so lousy. I trudged on …. faced up to my emotional stuff … prayed for insight and strength …. and the past 2 days have been a total turning point. I have more sustained energy now and my digestion feels much better. I sleep so well. BUT, the cravings still come up and I am still trying to figure out a better way to deal with them. Like, I’ve found that when I crave cookies and baked goods and want to just go hide in my pantry …. REALLY what I am craving is to be taken care of, to have a rest, a break from the world and to recharge. I have taken a bubble bath …. or sat outside in the sunshine with a good book and the baby monitor, or curled up for a nap when my kids are asleep. I still want sugar, don’t get me wrong. Challenge: this week I have lots of family in town and I am making the most delicious flourless chocolate cake (paleo no less!) for my dad’s birthday. I LOVE chocolate. It will be a challenge for sure, but, like you, I am going to try to focus on the joy of having all my favorite people together to celebrate instead of sulking secretly because I can’t have the cake. I know I will make it again in the future. Cheers to you and all you other ladies who are doing something awesome for yourselves. This is the home stretch!

  6. i heart you, ellen. your transparency is inspiring. the siren song of chick fil a is a powerful one, and I love how God is filling you with His strength to endure, and even have pockets of joy in the midst. it’s so freeing to get a whiff and walk away through the power of Christ in me.

    also, your bangs are pretty much adorable. xoxo

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