whole ladies. an update.


So. It’s Day 9 for me of a Whole30 and it’s a day to check in and talk about this journey with food. Somehow I let Jessi (Stop by her blog for a video, too!) talk me into recording a video. It is totally outside of my comfort zone and I am probably cringing right this very minute as you are reading because somewhere in my spirit I know someone is watching me talk into a camera thingy. But we want this whole thing to be a conversation and this talking to a camera thingy seemed to fit.

I’ll be sharing three things: a lesson, a challenge and a goal. Oh, I do so hope that ya’ll will chime in down there in the comments. I love to interact with you. Love to. It’s my favorite part. So, please share what God is doing in your heart and mind and body when it comes to taking good care of this thing with legs He gave us to house our hearts.

New Project 6 from ellen parker on Vimeo.

Now. On to the food. I ate some good food this week.


This chicken was a favorite family wide.

And on Sunday I made the most delicious sweet potato soup.

Pioneer Woman Pot Roast. Are there words for this? It really is perfect even when you are out of beef broth and you substitute water and balsamic vinegar.

This recipe for turkey meatballs was tender and so good. I went with my own recipe for marinara and served it all over roasted spaghetti squash.

PS. Still cringing over here.

26 thoughts on “whole ladies. an update.

  1. It was so nice to see your sweet face and to hear you talk about this. I am still abstaining from sugar. It’s hard, but I want to do this. So I keep plugging along. Thank you for sharing the recipes. Something new is always welcome! I do love PW’s pot roast.

  2. It was so wonderful to hear your voice about all this. I’m wanting to join in but so overwhelmed with how to change everything. We don’t eat a lot of processed things–but luna bars for breakfast and an easy salad dressing make for quick solutions when I know my body needs better. My eating is changing this week watching you ladies–and because I know my body feels different when I eat well. I’m cutting sugar and working towards a whole 30 diet–but with some modifications. Keeping brown rice and black beans, most likely. Thank you for sharing your heart about it and your meals! Those are so helpful. With running and marathons, I know what’s holding me back from better training is what I’m putting into my body.

  3. So I hate to admit this… but I have a super huge emotional reaction when I can’t eat something that I’m craving. I know I CAN, I guess, but I’m trying not to, and then I feel like crying and screaming and pitching a temper tantrum which is just ridiculous. I’m so blessed to have fresh produce in my fridge. There are people that may not experience that blessing very often, and I’m having to re-frame my anger into thankfulness.

    I’ve also learned that I really really really love avocados. Who knew?

    • I ended up cutting out some of my video for the sake of everyone watching but cravings are still an issue for me! Big time. Mostly it comes in the form of defiantly listing all of the things I’m going to enjoy on Day 31. So. Still some heart work to do. Thank you for sharing even when it was hard!

  4. i love this! i’m only on day 3 right now… i am realizing a lot about my emotional eating tendencies through this, even in 3 days… i’ve been off of dairy for 3 years before, and i’m currently on a strict gluten-free diet. i enjoy challenging myself to be more disciplined, but this is the most “strict” challenge i have ever done before. it’s pretty intense. i’ve always had a very “funky body” as far as food and reactions go, so i’m doing this most out of curiosity to see if anything affects me in ways i didn’t realize (like soy or sugar). so good to see you & jessi this morning. super thankful for your heart!

  5. I loved hearing you speak so transparently about your experience, and I’m thankful for you and Jessi creating a grace-filled space for such conversation. I’ve felt so much failure these past 10 days, and I was going to skip the update today. After listening to you, though, I decided that wouldn’t be true to the spirit of what this is all about.

    Thank you for being an encouragement!

  6. Thank you. I have to admit your video made me cry because it touched deep places in my heart…and uncovered some longstanding issues with food. So, I’m not doing the whole 30, yet. I want to, but the minute I start something, my rebellious heart rises up and sabotages the efforts. So, I’m praying, recording what I’m eating, moving daily and let God do some stuff in my heart before I jump in. The video is such a great companion to your writing because your heart shines through your eyes and your voice fills the words with emotions.

    • Hi, Brenda! Thank you, thank you for this encouragement. If your rebellious heart met my rebellious heart…. I am still working through major cravings and lots of sassy moments where I think about all I will eat on day 31. So proud of you for letting your heart lead!

  7. I just said out loud, “Yay Ellen!” I’m not doing the whole30, yet. But I’m learning from and through yall and making plans to start after Easter. Keep going, girl! Throw off everything that entangles!

  8. Ellen, thank you for sharing your experience. I owe it to you and Jessi for prompting me to take the Whole 30 plunge. You see, I was toying with the idea of going for it but just didn’t feel like I had any support. After reading your day 1 Whole 30 blog updates I decided to dig in right then. I started this journey (same day as you) with the vision to clean up my diet and get back into feeling better physically. I’ve struggled with food sensitivities for years and have been pretty vegan-ish the past two years. I exercised (past tense). But still, I had not been this physically un-well. EVER. It was time for a change. However….I’ve quickly learned that my journey just may be more about taking care of my emotional health and relationship to food (isn’t it always?!). And recognizing that instead of my usual emotional crutches, perhaps some quiet time with God is in order. Instead of my evening glass of wine that I used to soothe evening dinner prep/chasing toddlers/witching hour chaos in general, I now try as best I can to take a mini timeout to breathe and say a prayer. Instead of rushing off to the pantry to seek solitude from my noisy, lovely world at home … and have a cookie or two, I now make myself some herbal tea in my fancy thrift store china teacup and saucer, and have a seat. And pray. It’s been so difficult to change my automatic patterns. I used to eat all my meals pretty much standing at my kitchen counter, sampling the yummy food I was making for my family only to be stuffed by the time we sat down to eat together. Food as my love language was only good for others. Now, I am learning to take just as much care with myself. I make a pretty plate, take a deep breathe and only eat when I am seated at the table. It doesn’t feel natural but it feels pretty fantastic to treat myself kindly – in a healthy way. I am right there with you on the cravings. But we can do this!! Already a third of the way through!! (ps. your recipes look amazing. We need a recipe swap forum for Whole Ladies :-)

    • Amy, Amy, Amy. I’m so encouraged by your comments here. Thank you for sharing them. I have been viewing this as a fast (because it kind of really is) and trying to pray more in the space of those cravings. I love that you are doing that, too. I’m cheering for you over here!

  9. I have a friend who lost gobs and gobs of weight over a year ago and I recently asked her about some specifics. The thing that really stuck out to me was that she said she learned what a portion looks like. It was a light bulb moment for me because I know that my portions are too big. So, I am working on portion size.
    I love hearing your voice and knowing our crazy hamster wheel brains spin so similarly.

  10. Thank you for your brave video. I started a few days before you and I’m finding it getting a little bit easier. I am so glad to be learning the science behind why certain foods are less than healthy, and how they actually become addictive. I am focused on getting hormones reset and eliminating systemic inflamation. I have had elevated C-reactive protein tests for several years which point to inflamation and heart disease among other problems. Hoping this will help or at least give me some clues. Even after the 30 days, I plan on continuing some form of Paleo plan making better food choices every day. At least that’s he plan. :)

  11. I already love you so dearly, I didn’t know it was possible to adore you more. You are so encouraging and wise and I miss you! Cannot wait to get together, hopefully soon.

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