about the dog.


It’s a classic story, really. We were never going to get a dog. But then it was a Monday afternoon and we were sitting around the dining room table with the afternoon light spilling through the our wide, old windows.

Let’s make a Christmas list.

They hemmed and hawed over a few small things.

What they really want is a dog. I said that to my husband.

And two weeks later there we were meeting Grover at an animal shelter.

It was a surprise, the kind we didn’t let slip until we were on the way to get him.

This dog. He’s still very much a puppy. He’s old enough to sleep through the night and be house-trained. But he’s still very much a puppy.

He’s big and doesn’t know it. He’s goofy. He’s adorable. He loves to be petted. We all love him. Very much.

He’s also got a bit of rascal in him.

I am learning that my own special brand of trying-to-get-everything-perfect-right-this-very-moment-or-else-it-is-a-failure crazy extends to this corner of my life, too.

Apparently God is not above using a dog to minister His grace to me.

8 thoughts on “about the dog.

  1. I LOVE Grover! I love that you wrote about him! I always find it absolutely amazing how much I’ve learned about God through my SP…love that God uses every single bit of His creation to teach us about who He is, what His character is like, and just how much He loves us! Love you dearly friend…love that pup also…can’t wait to come see him again!

  2. That’s just one of the many lessons you’ll learn through Grover, I’m sure. I’ll say, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing our Annie Lou love on our Turner.

  3. this could have been my post…we rescued our mutt of a puppy in november. so much work. so much love, so much patience. so much goodness and madness rolled into one.

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