make room for beauty this year.

Here’s how I want to start 2013. It’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you.

I have a beautiful place to live, to be.


Here’s why. It’s not because of all the things in it: the old and creaky tables that tell stories or the crisp and new white chairs my mama got me for my birthday. It isn’t those things or the pictures on the wall or the well used hardwoods or the shiny banister on the stairs. No, none of those things make right now beautiful. It’s not because my husband has the perfect job (he doesn’t) or my children always, always smile sweet and compliant-like (they don’t). It’s not because every little thing my straining heart has ever chased after is finally slipping into my grip (it’s not).

Right now? It’s beautiful because I chose to believe it is. That’s it. ¬†Imperfection doesn’t negate beauty. Rough spots don’t disallow beauty. Bitterness can’t wash it away. Bathrooms with wall paper falling off in big, fat sheets don’t erase beauty. Pain can’t rob my right now of the beauty that is there. Raisin like, wrinkly dreams on the back burner can’t chase beauty away.

Beauty is a fact. It’s part of God’s currency in this world. He is original beauty. He created it. He owns it. He bestows it. It is always present. Always.


The way to make beauty in your life? Is to believe that it is already there. Right there in the midst of all the things you never really did want and the halfway done things that make you throw your hands up in the air and the hope that is so much like a wisp that it trails right through your fingers. Right there, beauty is shimmer shining and glinting and if you wet your dry and scratchy disappointment eyes with the balm of belief you will see it.

Choosing comes first. Decide for it. Decide to believe in the God of beauty. And then? Like a baby hearing his mama for the first time, you’ll know the tinkling of tiny beauty bells. And then? You’ll put your hand alongside the Beauty Maker’s and He’ll make lovely things through you.

Whether it’s the walls that make a home for your heart or the skin that wraps your tender soul up or the fences that mark out what your life looks like right now, let 2013 be the year you decide for beauty. You’ll waver. You’ll fight. You’ll want to give up. Don’t.

20 thoughts on “make room for beauty this year.

  1. Ellen, thanks for putting into words what I’ve been feeling….the tension between what I think will bring beauty vs what truly is beauty. It’s about to drive me crazy.

  2. Sob.sob.sob. I have no words except, I needed to hear this but honestly, I don’t want to hear it. It’s been hard seeing the beauty when the trials make even those around me quiver but God’s ways are higher! Thank you…p.s. I want that same pitcher (and a white bowl to go with it) from Target and put it just where you have. Is your from Target? Ahhh…thank you for this post, sister.

  3. I have only recently found your blog. I love your writing…this post and the wonderment post are 2 of my recent favorites. What you say is so very true…I know it deep down…but why is it so hard to live it out??

  4. THANK YOU! Thank you for posting your peeling wallpaper. Thank you for reminding me yet again to embrace what is, not what I wish life to be. Sight is a choice…and I just needed someone with better eyes than me to tell me so. Happy New Year, friend. : )

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