the no brainer blog.

A handful of years ago I decided to be brave and go to a regional meet-up that included bloggers and a few blog reading non-bloggers. I didn’t know one person. When I walked up to the door, I felt all those cliche type things you feel when you do something new and outside of what is comfortable.

It turns out that I made some really dear friendships that day. Among them is my friendship with Hayley Morgan, otherwise known as The Tiny Twig. Hayley has been the best kind of sharpening friend. We always cut right to the meat of our lives when we talk and she never lets me get away with hazy nebulous type things for long. Hayley helps me bring everything down out of the clouds and figure out what my next steps should be every time.


It’s been a joy to cheer her on as she’s ventured into planning conferences and networks and writing books. Last month Hayley released her latest ebook, a practical and inspiring note on blogging called The No Brainer Blog. In her book, Hayley walks you through vision, voice and space. It’s a start to finish guideline filled with all kinds of rich treasure.

I have to admit that there were many, many useful nuggets in The No Brainer Blog; things I rarely take the time to be intentional about like color stories and social media purposes and photography. My favorite part? The section on voice. It’s what I struggle with the most. Finding my voice. Trusting that I am enough. Believing that I can say something important. Knowing why I want to write. All of those things.¬†Hayley writes that “the process of writing is more important than the product.” I love the grace in that.

So. We’re about to be facing a brand new year straight in the eyes. If you’re like me, you’ll become obsessed with being intentional and making lists and allotting time. If blogging is on your plate or your plan for next year, I know you’d benefit from this well thought out ebook.

And! Hooray! Hayley is graciously offering one free ebook to a commenter today. Leave one comment on this post to be entered.

25 thoughts on “the no brainer blog.

  1. i have been appreciating the perspective you bring to the table! and your loving support of your friend is something sweet to behold …

    i’m heading to Haley’s right now to check out her blog!

  2. I will be glad to meet Haley through her new e-book but I just want you to know Ellen how much I am inspired through your lovely writing. God is using your talent for writing greatly. Thank you.

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  4. Your voice here is thoughtful and interesting and I enjoy reading your writing very much. The ebook sounds perfect for me at the place I am with blogging, writing, believing I have something to say, etc.

  5. I stumbled upon your blog somewhat by happenstance, but I am grateful for your words. I am finishing my first year of blogging and would know that I could learn a lot from the ebook.

  6. Haley’s book has been all over the web and looks wonderful. Like you, I think the section on voice might be a perfect fit for my needs. How gracious for you both to offer this giveaway!

  7. I was surprised to read that you struggle with voice. You have such a unique, special voice, which is why I love reading your blog. Yes, you are certainly enough. Love the thought of grace in the process, and the product. Thanks – would love to have a copy! So far, I haven’t thought much about the new year – but I will, once the holidays calm down (me too!).

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  9. Is it too late to enter for the free ebook?? :) Even so, I will definitely need to read this either way. Blogging has always been a passion for me, but I don’t know what I’m doing at all. I would love to hear her insight. Glad I stumbled across your space here. :)

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