for your monday.


Mondays always hold the beauty of a fresh start.

Last week was filled with stops and starts and failings and floppings? Here’s a new week laid out before you. It’s full of possibility and grace.

Truth? Almost every Monday I already feel behind the moment I lay blurry eyes on the early morning hours. I think I’ve burdened this beautiful day with too heavy a load of expectations. Somehow I have this finger wagging feeling that a fresh start is supposed to be and feel more clean and ordered and in control when it really is just this: start. Wherever you are, start.

I guess Robert Frost was right. Nothing gold CAN stay. I know he was right. This earth can’t hold new and bright and shiny all the time. Otherwise, how would we know that we need something Bigger?

So it seems that the fresh part is hewn out in my heart where I draw near to Grace and the Fountain of living waters to be filled and quenched. This place? Standing under the cool spray of His loving hand? Is not a place of shoulds. No broken cisterns here. Just the filling up.

Yesterday our pastor asked a question. What are the things that only you can be? And that is where I’m starting today. My trash stinks. The kitchen counter is messy. The teacher called and one of our small ones is home again. I’ve barely scratched two things off my list for today.

But. I’m going to focus on the things only I can be. Only I can know my husband’s heart and honor it. Only I can offer the belonging and acceptance of a mother’s quick kiss across the forehead. Only I can tell God’s story in me in my life and in this space.

And you? Where will you start today?

Also!  I have another post up at Beautifully Rooted this month. It’s about mothering.

I hope you’ll stop by there and say hello.

Oh, oh, oh. And last week? That was beautiful. Thank you for being God’s body on display.

6 thoughts on “for your monday.

  1. My goal for today is to send uplighting messages (via snail mail!!!) to five friends. Just short notes that tell them how much I appreciate their friendship. Everyone loves getting non-bills!

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