dear you: make a declaration today.


I wanted to say something to you today.

I am a writer.

I have to say it because this place where my joy meets my gifting is sweet and humbling and cry worthy and God wove it into me. I hope beyond hope that you hear what I’m really saying. God gave this thing to me. I don’t have a big plan for it right now. I’m just leaning in. It’s been a journey to get here and I think I’ll enjoy right here for a bit.

What is that place for  you? The place where your joy meets your gifting?

I’ve been thinking. What if you shared that thing right here in the comments? Not your job but your thing. Maybe you are a nurturer or a servant or a teacher or a plan maker or a visionary or a care giver. Don’t feel like it’s small. In the presence of God, everything is small and He loves us just the same. Maybe you are like me and you worry about what others might think of you saying such a thing about yourself. Maybe you feel awkward talking about what you are good at. Don’t worry. You can’t be more awkward than me. That’s not what this is anyway. In fact, when you share a gift God has placed in you, you are really just pointing to Him. You are declaring that He is the one who rains down good things and you are just simply leaning in.

So. Will you share? Be brave.

57 thoughts on “dear you: make a declaration today.

  1. oh, for me it’s hospitality. the baking, the cooking, the making the house comfortable and beautiful- and then the hanging out with awesome people. such joy. such calling.

  2. Organizing events, especially for charitable organizations, is where I usually end up. Samaritan’s Purse, crisis pregnancy center auction, jail ministry packets, those types of things. He blesses the efforts. I guess that makes me a plan maker?

  3. For me, it’s loving on people. I want to have them over for dinner, watch their kids, and let them sleep for 2 hours. Or if what they want is to talk for 2 hours, then that’s what I give. He has always given me a small group to love, and it’s my joy.

  4. singing…especially in a choir…but even by myself with no one to hear and even just twinkle, twinkle with my 3 year old son.

  5. I am writer too, but it’s hard for me to say the word “writer”. Sometimes I feel like I am lying. I am not bring home a writer’s paycheck every week. Is it still ok to say writer? That is my passion. These are the things I struggle with nearly every day. For some reason, I cannot settle the battle between desire and reality. Saying I am a blogger is much easier, although I get funny looks. Being a blogger is like being a stamp collector to some, but stamp collecting gets more respect.


    • oh, yes. i think that is a barrier for many people. i don’t bring home a paycheck for it either. not paper money at least. but. i am more than richly blessed by the sharing and connecting. i have a feeling you are, too. it’s why you are drawn to it. so. you are a writer, friend.

  6. Love your writing and heart!
    Stepping out here… thinker, creator – dare I say – visionary (it seems too grand for my little world…)

  7. I’m an organizer, planner and helper. I’m a leader. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 who misses work. But I’m doing the right thing.

  8. I am the coordinator for our ladies’ bible study (in a home) on Monday nights. I take all prayer requests, remind people of birthdays/anniversaries, coordinate mission opportunities, keep the calendar, etc. It is a very rewarding task/privilege to serve these 25 ladies every week.

  9. I love nurturing people, the ones that are hurting and the ones around me that really just need to hear they are special just because. I need to balance this with caring for my family because sometimes nurturing others can take me away from them too long; but this is something that the Lord is teaching this slow to learn people lover to do. We are all given certain gifts to share, aren’t we? Thanks for this wonderful post!

    • yes, maria! i have a feeling you are high on mercy. smiley face. me, too. it is hard to sort out which burdens are ours to carry and when. i’m so thankful for a patient God who is very present in the process of our becoming.

  10. Can I be honest & say that I snuck over to the comments to see if maybe my answer was here?

    I’ll be very honest and say that this is something I’ve been struggling with, actually. I don’t know- I’m a bit lost, if you will. But I’m glad that you’re a writer and that you speak it. That will give me courage when I need it to speak it out- whatever my thing may be.

    • can i hand you something to try on? just from my observations? you are one of the most faithful encouragers i’ve encountered online. i don’t know how that will work out in your life but i certainly see the gift of exhortation in you, dear friend.

  11. I sometimes think the thing I really am, the thing that is at the core of all the ways I serve and do and operate, is that I am an appreciator of beauty. That’s really why I teach and write and garden and read and nurture and cook and so forth — I love to witness the beauty of growing understanding and apt words and growing life and good food and blossoming talents and on and on.

  12. What a gorgeous idea and a gorgeous blog :) My thing is to help people know they are loved and accepted. I want to speak straight to their hearts.

  13. When I turned 40, people came over to say a few nice things to me. Funny those moments really. But when some people went around to give their words, they told me I was gifted in being very adaptable. Well I had heard this before and it finally rung in my heart deeply that time. They said, while I blushed a little, that they’ve watched me be able to be in both high and lowly positions and can find a place of resonance with different kinds of people. I learned it goes along way to ask others what gift they see in me, and then I can see really what that is that I am living out to others. Their opinion and truths matter more and more to me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share it here!

  14. I’m a total dreamer. I don’t even know that means or how to use it well. But I’m coming to a place of acceptance that I’m not the most organized, the best writer, or any good at being profitable. I’m just good at dreaming and having hope and sharing it with the ones I love. Now I need someone to tell me how to be effective :)

    • smiley face. God dreamed you up just so, you know? He’s given you that heart because it’s important in the working of His body. i think you’ve already begun by sharing hope and dreaming with those around you.

    • I could have written this exact comment. Would love to get together and dream :) I often feel a little crazy, but if people don’t laugh at your dreams, they aren’t big enough, right? ;)

  15. Goodness. I’d love to say that I’m a writer, too. But it takes some work and some wrenching it out of my heart. I love reading your heart here. Thanks for your sharing your heart.

  16. Ashley, from a previous comment, are we the same person? :) I am a dreamer, a visionary, an idealist at heart. Right now my dreams and passions center around this high and worthy calling as a mother and wife and asking the Lord how I can glorify Him through these roles. I think a whole lot about living intentionally, and living with my legacy in mind. I have so many dreams and ideas, but putting feet to them is where I struggle :)
    I love your heart and your writing. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • oh, brooke. i love your heart. people come first. always. and sometimes patience and waiting make our things even more beautiful. i know your dreams and visions are a blessing to your family right now. you see things differently. you notice. i know it blesses.

  17. I am a grace finder. I see beauty and grace from Him Everywhere. It feels strange to just write it down like that, but it is the legacy I want to leave to my boys. That, and I am a constant rearranger/decorator/maker of things.

    • well. you know how i feel about rearranging. my sweet family has just surrendered to that. but YOU. what a beautiful gift to impart to your family, to teach them to hunt down God’s grace and beauty in the midst of all seasons of life.

  18. this is beautiful & timely. thank you for encouraging us to be brave.

    right now ~ that place where my joy meets my gifting is something i’m trying to piece together. pictures, writing, connecting are the 3 words brewing in my mind that bring joy. so a photowriterconnector! connectorphotowriter!

  19. I just recently came across your blog. I can’t remember how. But, this is what I have been trying to figure out. Fears have restricted me and I feel lost. I know I am small. I know God has a purpose. I am not sure I am brave enough to figure it out.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  20. Hi, there – I’m new around here and I like what I see :) Looking forward to following you! And hmmm…I’m pretty sure I’m a lover, if I were to be really honest with myself. I get so much joy out of taking care of the people in my life, so yep – that’s me.

  21. I am a speaker and a writer of encouraging words. Today is my birthday and I have chosen Ecclesiastes 12:10 for my verse of the year: “The Teacher sought to find delightful sayings and to accurately write words of truth. Prepping my teaching for Community Bible Study every week delights my heart.”

  22. jumping in to this discussion late…I love cooking for friends and family – having a house ready, comfy for them, and food prepared. And plants – I love giving plants to people, for them to have beauty and growth around them, too. Here, we recently moved, don’t know many people. Not much opportunity for hospitality. This post challenges me to seek it out. And, to root some plants to give as gifts. Interesting thoughts that this sparked – over several days, which is why I am here late. I’ve been brooding, thinking, dwelling on your encouragement to lean into this place where my joy meets my gifting. Thank you.

  23. If it’s not too late to add my comment…. It’s been a delight to find you here and read your abide series. You have spoken many words of blessing. Thank you.
    I am a wife and homeschooling mom of 3 and my joy is feeding people. I love the Hellmann’s mayonnaise ad that says “Not all love notes are written, some are made”.
    I help cook meals and wonderful desserts for our youth group at church. I hope that they know that they are loved.

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