shelter practically.

This post is part of a 31 day journey. See the rest of abide: love where you live right here.

How do you set up camp in a shady spot? Build up strong truth walls? Preserve your hedges? Find protection from buffeting winds?


Let’s talk about how to build shelter into our homes.

1. Know the truth. You can’t discern the lies and attack filled thoughts unless you know what’s really true. Study what God has said about home or work or  your season. Put His promises before your eyes over and over again. No one seeks out shelter because they’re supposed to. We do it because we need it. Lean into your needy place. It can be good. Write His word out. Print it. Keep it around you.

2. Reduce information consumption. There’s some part of all this stuff at our fingertips that can be inspiring. But it’s just information. You’ll never be able to embrace where you are and find reprieve from the restlessness of this world if you keep feeding on what others tell you home should be. This month? I’ve had to take one day a week to fast from the internet. No blogs. No social media. No email. Nothing. Just being present in my right now. Something about writing every day leaves an open space in my heart that I have to be very careful with.

3. Do the everyday for the right reasons. Left unattended, normal maintenance becomes a heavy burden. But. Doing it in order to build self worth or feel successful is no more freeing. Still the every day living things have to be dealt with. Know your thresh hold. When does a bit of mess mean you’ve been living life and when does a bit of mess mean that you feel unsettled and not at peace? Whatever you do, do it so that you can be fully present. Dethrone comparison. Don’t let keeping up with others be your motivation. That fades. And they live with messy things, too. There are very few people in this life that don’t have some frayed edges.

4. Find resting spots in your day. I like to do something called starting your second day. It just means that I try to find the natural break in my day and pretend it’s just begun, that I’m full of the energy of a fresh morning. When I can, I try to make time to tend to a few daily things that bring peace when they’re tended to. Then I like to make just a few minutes to read, write, do something life giving. The only hard and fast rule I have for that time is that online things are not allowed. No extra voices. Just quiet type things. Then? I get started on my second day. It doesn’t happen every day. I might have gone all summer without a second day. I might still be trying to find my rhythm in this new school year. One thing is true. It’s never too late in the day to pretend you’re just beginning.

Do you have some way that you protect shelter in your life?


6 thoughts on “shelter practically.

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  2. This is SO good:
    “Dethrone comparison. Don’t let keeping up with others be your motivation.”

    Really, it’s all good (as always). I love this space you’ve created here. It’s just one of my favorites.

  3. You KNOW how much I love the second day. When you introduced me to that concept it was like giving hope to a mom that could tend toward being a bear around 4 o’clock (or as my kids have been known to call me “Incredible Hulk”).

    Don’t ever stop talking about the second day here at Sweetwater.

    I’m totally drawing a blank on how I protect shelter. I’ll report back if I think of something, ’cause I know I do it.

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