dwell practically.

This post is part of a 31 day journey. See the rest of abide: love where you live right here.

Let’s talk about some ways to dwell practically, to adorn our dwelling place. How do you show up, stay there, establish yourself and your home, embrace grace no matter what your timeline looks like?


1. Vision. You can set the tone for your home in two very actionable ways. First, take some time to know what you love. We’re not talking about like here. Everyone would like to skitter off to Pottery Barn or West Elm or Anthropologie and buy their picture of home. It’s easier. No. We’re talking about how you want to communicate love in your home. What is your story? What ministers grace to you? How can your home tell others about God’s grace in you? Darlene at Fieldstone Hill has a great series full of wisdom about this process. You could start there.

Part two. You can set vision and catch God’s vision for yourself and your home by embracing mornings.  Listen. I am one of those annoying early birds and I know it. But. If you rise first and allow just a little bit of time to root yourself in life giving things before the rest of your house is awake or before you have to go out and meet the world, your heart will be different. Your eyes will be more able to see with love instead of like. I like to read my Bible and pray, exercise, write some, eat my breakfast while sitting down in a quiet room. Sometimes I like to take a walk and watch the sun rise. The idea is to fill up with life giving things first. Then you can have clear vision for your day and your home.

2. Wait hopefully. Let your home be a comma. Don’t assume that because you can’t use your gifts the way you want to you, you can’t use them at all. Don’t give up in fake surrender. You know that not doing anything is not the same as embracing where you are. Do the hard heart work and look for ways to be fully present in the right now.

3. Take action. Small things are not any less important than big things. So you can’t change your kitchen counters or grow grass in your yard or rip the indoor-outdoor carpet out of the bathroom?  So you can’t make a husband appear or a baby appear or a job appear or the money appear? I get that. But right here is changing you. Right here is teaching you. Right here is refining your gifts. You have to find a way to choose love. Do the small things. Snip flowers or leaves from your yard and put them right there on your kitchen counters. Move things around. Light a candle. Play music. Write something. What things make you want to show up, make your heart sing? Do those things.

4. Elevate grace. So you have been grumbly all day or all week? Press the restart button. You’ve been walking under the heavy weight of fake surrender? Start the hard heart work right now. It isn’t too late. You can declare a do over at any time. It’s Christ’s gift to us. He is doing something new. He makes all things new. Step into that. Know this: if you have to start over and then start over again and then start over again? You are not failing. You are growing.


What can you do to dwell practically today? What are you already doing?


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