to beautify.

This post is part of a 31 day journey. See the rest of abide: love where you live right here.


All this talk about the heart is good. Home is a metaphor for the inward things of our lives. But. It doesn’t mean that abiding doesn’t have anything to do with beauty.

It is biblical to want to make our homes lovely.  I used to think that the limitations of my physical location in life were meant to snuff out my heart to beautify, that maybe I was silly and not godly enough.

I really love to decorate and rearrange and generally change things around our home. I’ve learned to accept that God placed that desire in me generally and specifically. God loves beauty. It’s everywhere in this world He dreamed up and I’m made to reflect Him. Naturally, I want to create and be around beautiful things. Specifically, He’s given me gifts for creating that beauty. You have your own gifts for beauty, too.


I had to learn that my limitations were not a graceless, hopeless place where God was snuffing out some part of me that wasn’t good enough.

My limitations are in my life to refine my gifts.

My limitations made me focus on the foundational things. My limitations made me understand that loveliness comes from an inward place first. My limitations made me seek to understand what God wanted to say about beauty through my story and my home. My limitations allowed me to surrender my gifts so that they (prayerfully) point to the Giver and not myself.

Where you are is beautiful because God has allowed it in your life. The beauty is already there. You just have to choose it. Dwell there. Shelter there. Belong there. And, then? The outward things come. Then you can tell others about that beauty by using your gifts, limited as they might be.


2 thoughts on “to beautify.

  1. I missed reading the last week or so of your 31 Days. Oh my, this one is the one that I understand most. I thought selling our lovely home to start a ranch from scratch meant God wanted me to see beauty is not man-made but God-made in nature. What I’ve learned in the last few years is that God wants the beauty in my heart and is using the rough rental house as the mode. He placed us in this house purposefully. He wants me to be able to make it beautiful in its own little way, to see beauty in nature too, fine beauty in hard work and sacrifice too, and to behave beautifully.

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