snippets: fall things

I have life snippets for you today!

I’m a total cliche. I absolutely love Fall even though we enjoy it as a season for about two weeks here and today it is probably going to hit 90 and I’ve only one year of my life ever lived in a place that had a sort of true Fall. Still, I love it. Last year I searched and searched for a cute and tasteful pumpkin type decoration that had small twinkle lights in it. In the end, I was too cheap to buy one so this year all we have to show just yet is this grocery store green pumpkin.
UntitledSometimes I spray paint my mailbox instead of fixing dinner. Also. New nail polish required, I think.
wing sighting. #homeworkanywayoucanRainbow fairy wings are really the best. And they really help with homework. Homework can be hard, no two ways around it. I’ve been focusing on being present and checking my expectations so that even if my children are totally flustered by what they have to do I can at least be less flustered.


I have been working on my 31 days series. I’m equal parts excited and nervous. There’s no really detailed plan but I feel pretty sure that I’ll be able to fill up a whole month with all that I’m learning about home! I’ve been looking up Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic root words for home and it’s kind of awesome seeing how God is the one who originated the whole idea that a home is more than a house. In fact, there’s so much life wisdom in the idea of home and I just can’t wait to share it with y’all. Nervousness comes when I think about how this might be too touchy-feely. But. I’m guessing y’all wouldn’t be here if touchy-feely, wordy, processing posts were bothersome to you. So. 31 Days: a road home starts Monday.

6 thoughts on “snippets: fall things

  1. I’ve been wondering when your next lovely post would pop into myh reader. Always a treat! And I look forward to each one. October sounds inspiring at Sweetwater. Can’t wait to see the colors.

  2. Oh, and for your Fall decorating shortage: State Farmer’s Market plant sale. There is a vendor with every conceivable pumpkin, including the gross, warty kind.

  3. looking forward to your 31 days. gave me chills, the good kind. words i’m sure i will need to hear dear friend. oh, and did you get a pair of fairy wings for yourself too? i would imagine that would help me get through the homework hours.

  4. I also was sitting here, getting ready to do some work and hoping for some sweetwater. I wonder if fairy wings would work for 60+ aunts? Thank you!

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