small joys: in the details of everyday living.

second. fourth. the big day has started. #chipperjonesjerseyforthespecialdayofcourse and in #takingbackmornings news: we rose early, we ate, we read, we prayed. still a bit rushed in the end and a bit harried at drop off but #leaningintograce .

For fresh eyes and new starts, I’ll give thanks this weekend. For first days of school filled with hope, I’ll give thanks.

it's amazing what can happen in a few minutes on the phone.

For small people who think literally, I’ll give thanks. For soap and water to the rescue, I’ll give thanks.

"nap" time.

For quietish afternoons will with quasi-napping, I’ll offer thanks. For a creaky bed that has seen generations and smells just like old wood should, I’ll give thanks. For plain old generations and their story, I’ll give thanks.

friday night lights. supporting one of our boys from the home. #husbandinheaven

For a husband who loves the next generation and shows up for them, I’ll give thanks. For friday night football reborn into my life, I’ll give thanks. For sixteen year olds who are not my own ripping at my taped up heart seams, I’ll give thanks. And for how God always, always, always whispers to me in a pink lit sky, I’ll offer Him thanks this weekend.

God most certainly is in the details of everyday living. It’s the deep down dirty roots of hope and trust to see Him there and I hope you’ll take a minute to mine those moments in your own life today.

4 thoughts on “small joys: in the details of everyday living.

  1. Although there are not many quiet moments in my weekend, I’ll give thanks for the daughters who are answers to my prayers, the hot food on our table, and the restorative sleep that enables me to enjoy all God has blessed me with in this life.

  2. Ellen, thank you for this. Sometimes we are given just what we need right at that moment. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all to do and no time to do it and your small joys nourished my soul this afternoon. Love you, Aunt Lucia

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