fresh + new.


On Sunday morning I was sitting in the wooden pew at church. Tucked up under my husband’s arm and soaking up song and word and Truth.

Are you allowing your position to be used for redemption?

That question. It sailed across that room and made a roost of my heart.

It’s my hope for this space. That you’ll find a fresh spring of grace to you and freedom to you and life to you. Not for me. But for Him.

I pray that God’s goodness and grace flow through this space. It’s really just the same but with new skin. I’ll write about my life and the treasures He keeps hiding in it.

And, oh man, do I like you all. So thank you. Thank you for sharing this treasure hunt with me.

If you are an email reader? I’ve got a link rightupthere and you’ll get the posts just the way you always did. Or you can click right here.

Ready. Set. Go. :).

15 thoughts on “fresh + new.

  1. So happy to follow you here, my friend. It’s a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to see the sweet goodness that will come from it! Love you.

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