the pinch it in your fingers kind


This year began in a flurry. I was resolved to be better and brighter and more minimalist.

I bought a book on time management.

I took notes.

I made lists.

There are many treasures I gleaned from that time but my most favorite has become my regular Tuesday morning with this lovely person.

She’s been a part of my life since I graduated from college. Sometimes in my life more than others. But lately, it’s been more.

I looked at my friendships, the types. And I resolved to invest a bit more in a few of them.

Investing in fellowship can be exhausting and fumbling and almost always involves me embarrassing myself. But I do it anyway.

And when Mary Beth mentioned that she wanted to tell her story through writing, I did something.

I sent a sheepish email wondering if she would read a book with me. We would read. We would write. We would meet. We would share.

Every other Tuesday-and sometimes more-I stumble over to her house after school drop off. She writes in a notebook. I like the clickety-clack of the keys so I bring my computer.

And we fellowship.

Here are four things I’ve learned about investing in fellowship:

  1. It doesn’t require cleaning up. In fact, it feels like home when I come over to her house and there is laundry to be done and paperwork in a just barely nice, neat stack. I show up in my yoga pants. She has coffee in hand. Her little people shuffle in and eat cereal with our smallest person. If she comes to my house it’s the same thing. My sink is full of dishes and my floors need to be swept.There is no pretense about this.
  2. It’s incredibly inspiring. We sit in her homeschool room, which is the perfect warm shade of flax. She has an old schoolroom chalkboard with a poem written in dusty yellow chalk. Oh, there are books upon books and a lamp that’s clear and industrial and perfect with its burlap shade. Sometimes she makes me try delicious leftovers or some new thing she’s discovered for breakfast.
  3. It costs something. I could be cleaning, running errands, rambling through to do lists. She could be schooling,getting ready for her day, being quiet, serving others; her list is long and her heart moves out.
  4. It heals and it sharpens. What we write? We’re just recording the glorious everyday, not thinking about publishing or blogs or any other thing than just processing life. And you know what happens. We cry. We laugh. We minister.

It’s worth every cost. Every one.

Here’s what it took: one sheepish email and a bit of creativity. I do that fumbling, embarrassing investing because this is how we are made. We long to be known. And God is always enough for that. But He dreamed up added blessings for us in His children and His making us a working, flexing, dependent body. And I’ll tell you what. This true, pinch it in your fingers fellowship? It ministers grace to me like you wouldn’t believe.


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