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a foolproof handmade wreath.

Way back when I was blogging at Handmade Recess, I made this wreath. It felt like it belonged over here, too.

We’ve got four pretty, waxy and full boxwood bushes in our backyard.

And I’ve always coveted those preserved boxwood wreaths.

But not so much the price. I don’t covet that.

So. I googled all around and discovered that it’s pretty easy to make your own. And cheap, too.

Here’s how it went down.

First, I basically did everything that this tutorial instructed.

I hustled myself down to Jo Ann and got some green floral wire and a wire wreath form. I believe that I paid $5 total for the pair of them.

The night before I wanted to make the wreath, I cut a big pile of boxwood and soaked it in water until morning. I’d read somewhere that soaking would prolong prettiness. You can actually preserve your own. It’s just a matter of dipping your clippings in glycerine and letting them dry for three whole weeks. I had this grand idea last week so no preserving for me this year.

Basically, you group then wire then group then layer then wire and repeat. It’s really easy (and much more detailed in that tutorial I linked to up there) and I did it in the span of about thirty minutes with my darling friend Mary Beth supervising.

P.S. Just a note about Mary Beth. When I posted a picture of my ironing pile two weeks ago? She drove over and took it from me without letting me get a no in. She ironed all of my clothes. Did I already post about that? It was the most beautiful service and friendship.

Back to the wreath.

It’s right at home on my mantel now.